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Why Google?

Google is the biggest search engine of all time. With over 40,000 searches per second, Google answers over 3.5 billion queries every day! It is the most trusted and efficient search engine label in the world of internet. Most of the population who use internet, they use Google for their search. 

For a SEO team these statistics are beneficial as they provide opportunities to get potential customers for new or unpopular websites. Google searches are trusted worldwide and being on top of the Google search page means guaranteed business. Google uses organic search results on specific keywords which mean searches that come on top of the result have similar keywords as that of the query. This eliminates the possibility of getting irrelevant customers and increases the chances of page visits. Page visits are equally important in the field of SEO, because if a person visits a particular webpage searching with specific keywords then the same page would come on the top with same keywords later. This increases the chances of being on top of Google search results even if the customer just visits the website.

Google provides various methods in optimizing websites as it becomes simpler for the Google bots to pick up the websites from the directory on the basis of the keywords. When a specific key word is searched on Google, the Google bots scan those keywords and look up in the directory of their data base. Even though, Google has over millions of web addresses in its directory, yet it takes only a few seconds to show the relevant search results. As a Website has several web pages, each page has a unique URL (uniform resource locator) which is detected by the bots on the basis of the searched keywords that provides the results. A SEO team customizes those URLs in a way that the links get more relevance and are picked up by Google bots in search results that creates the possibility of coming on the front page.